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  • Featured Products

  • Red Scarf

    Red Scarf

    This fantastic Red Scarf can be worn at least four different ways; maybe more - just use your imagination!

    $14.95 save 33%
  • Titanium Knee-highs

    Titanium Knee-highs

    Aching Legs? Foot Pain? Swollen Ankles? Try Miracle Titanium Knee-highs. These beautiful new knee high pop socks hold a wonderful secret to help your legs feel lighter and so refreshed!

  • Dog Clicker + 2 Free Books

    Dog Clicker + 2 Free Books

    Dog training can take months, sometimes years and hiring a professional trainer can be very expensive. Training a dog of any age can be tiresome and frustrating, that was before the launch of the revolutionary Dog-Clicker!

  • Levine Knee Strap

    Levine Knee Strap

    If you suffer from knee pain or stiffness here is a proven way to get fast relief - from the clinically proven Power Knee Strap now available direct to the public.

  • Micro Ampli-Ear

    Micro Ampli-Ear

    Try this tiny hearing device. The Micro Ampli-Ear is our smallest model ever with 750,000 units sold all across the United States – and now available here in Australia.

  • Fleecy Blanket with Sleeves

    Fleecy Blanket with Sleeves

    Don't struggle through the chill of winter any more, now you can cuddle up to this super soft and luxurious micro fibre Fleece Blanket.

    $34.95 save 50%
  • Bunion Protectors

    Bunion Protectors

    Protect your bunions and corns from painful knocks and tight shoes with these soft, padded slings.

    $11.95 save 17%
  • Hi Power Binoculars

    Hi Power Binoculars

    We have just secured a direct factory supply of these 10x (1000%) high power lens, rubber armoured binoculars for an incredibly low price. That is why we are able to 'give them away' for just $49.95. But you must hurry, stocks are limited. Why pay more? When you can buy direct from Century Mail. 

  • Traditional Household Handbook

    Traditional Household Handbook

    Forget about expensive branded products for cleaning, cooking, fixing, gardening, health and beauty. You can create your own traditional, 'old-fashioned' remedies and solutions using simple and safe ingredients from around the home and all for just pennies and the information contained in the Traditional Household Handbook.

  • JS Knee Support

    JS Knee Support

    Do your knees ache? Do they hurt when you walk? Do you find it painful getting up and down stairs? These are all signs that your knees are crying out for proper support and what you need is the JS Knee Support.

  • Smart Ear

    Smart Ear

    Do you struggle to hear the TV? Do you have the volume turned up high? Annoying other members of the family or even neighbours?

  • 3 Carat Amethyst Diamond Ring

    3 Carat Amethyst Diamond Ring

    The perfect complement to our Giant Amethyst Diamond Necklace, you are guaranteed to adore this ring, which featured three Genuine Amethysts and four Genuine Diamond accents.

    $39.95 save 50%