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  • Vinegar Honey & Garlic

    Vinegar Honey & Garlic

    You'll find vinegar in just about every kitchen in the country - but most of us only ever use it on chips or as a salad dressing. Did you know there are hundreds of other uses for vinegar around the home and as a traditional remedy.

  • Micro Ampli-Ear

    Micro Ampli-Ear

    Try this tiny hearing device. The Micro Ampli-Ear is our smallest model ever with 750,000 units sold all across the United States – and now available here in Australia.

  • Magnetic Bracelet + Free Book

    Magnetic Bracelet + Free Book

    Over 100,000 satisfied customers! The stylish 18-Link bracelet has, not surprisingly been our best-selling design for 5 years running! With 18 polished gold-plated panels, this timeless classic looks fantastic on men and women. You won't believe your eyes on the exceptional quality.

  • Car Convenience Kit

    Car Convenience Kit

    Here is an essential item that will give peace of mind to all motorists. This Car Convenience Kit comes with clever gadgets to keep you on the road.

  • EasyPhone 3G

    EasyPhone 3G

    At last… a simple, easy to use, no nonsense mobile phone with some very useful features including big buttons and an SOS button.

    $199.00 save 30%
  • Comfort Bra

    Comfort Bra

    Who says beautiful bras can't be comfortable? Take a look at our selection of plain stretch and lace stretch comfort bras. These could be just what you have been looking for!

  • Titanium Knee-highs

    Titanium Knee-highs

    Aching Legs? Foot Pain? Swollen Ankles? Try Miracle Titanium Knee-highs. These beautiful new knee high pop socks hold a wonderful secret to help your legs feel lighter and so refreshed!

  • Clean Ear Deluxe

    Clean Ear Deluxe

    The New Clean Ear Deluxe is an amazing new device specially designed to relieve the frustrating problem of waxy build-up in the ear safely, effectively and in no time at all.

  • The Electro Reflexologist

    The Electro Reflexologist

    A revolutionary breakthrough in circulation related conditions. If you suffer with any type of swelling, aches, pains, fluid retention, sore muscles, or conditions related to poor circulation, then please take a moment to read this page, it could change your life!

  • BBQ Grill Mats

    BBQ Grill Mats

    These handy BBQ Grill Mats are easy to use. Just pop onto grill surface and add your BBQ favorites. You’ll cook without messing the grill or losing good food through the gaps! Works for indirect cooking on gas, charcoal and electric grills. Afterwards just clean in warm soapy water and dry with a soft cloth. Dishwasher safe (top rack only). 100% non-stick and reusable. Pack of 2.

  • Pocket Hammock

    Pocket Hammock

    Look forward to lazy afternoons napping in the garden or watching the world go by with this practical Pocket Hammock. Made of strong nylon cord mesh to securely carry your weight it includes steel rings, ropes and a cloth storage bag. Simple to put up both indoors or out, it rolls up compact for easy mobility. Holds weight up to 120kg.

  • Universal Wrench Set

    Universal Wrench Set

    This effective Universal Wrench Set makes adjusting nuts and bolts of all shapes and sizes a breeze! You will save time and effort on plumbing, carpentry and outdoor jobs with this handy set of two wrenches. Can be used to loosen and tighten all kinds of round and hexagonal screws and nuts with ease! The robust design includes a non-slip rubber coated handle and wrench that adapts to a 9-32mm capacity in one movement. Replace your old heavy wrenches with these lightweight universal wrenches and have fun with household jobs again!