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  • Foot Cradles - Gel Sport

    Foot Cradles - Gel Sport

    Foot Cradles - Gel Sport New Orthotic Design - If you play sports or do a lot of walking then try our new Foot Cradle Gel Sport orthotics. The contoured design features gel cushions positioned to relieve pressure spots and provide extra support.

  • Micro Ampli-Ear

    Micro Ampli-Ear

    Try this tiny hearing device. The Micro Ampli-Ear is our smallest model ever with 750,000 units sold all across the United States – and now available here in Australia.

  • Master Your Computer V6

    Master Your Computer V6

    Are you petrified by computers? Does the sight of a keyboard make you tremble? Does computer jargon seem like gobbeldegook? Have you tried to crack computers – only to give up in despair? Now there's good news! Computer expert Jeff Clarke has written a book that targets seniors – and all those who suffer from 'computer anxiety'!

  • Levine Knee Strap

    Levine Knee Strap

    If you suffer from knee pain or stiffness here is a proven way to get fast relief - from the clinically proven Power Knee Strap now available direct to the public.

  • Titanium Knee-highs

    Titanium Knee-highs

    Aching Legs? Foot Pain? Swollen Ankles? Try Miracle Titanium Knee-highs. These beautiful new knee high pop socks hold a wonderful secret to help your legs feel lighter and so refreshed!

  • Infini Ear

    Infini Ear

    If you struggle to hear people on the phone, think people are mumbling, have difficulty keeping up with conversations, or turn up the TV louder than others then help is at hand! Using the latest digital technology you can enhance your hearing and live life to the full with the new Infini Ear.

    $199.00 save 50%
  • Zipper Tie

    Zipper Tie

    Now the man in your life can get himself ready in half the time with a fantastic Zipper Tie!  This cleverly designed tie comes with a pre-tied professional knot and a zipper sewn in the tail end allowing it to slide up and down for fast and easy dressing and removal. The Zipper Tie is available in a choice of three fashionable colours: Brown, Black or Blue, so there’s one for every outfit.

  • Magnetic Compression Socks

    Magnetic Compression Socks

    Say Goodbye to aching legs! There's nothing worse than being on your legs all day especially when you have poor circulation, varicose veins, leg fatigue, swelling or just plain sore aching legs and feet. If you are like most people, you simply live with it, maybe trying stockings, orthopaedic shoes, insoles and other such products from the chemist, including expensive medications, but nothing seems to work - does this sound familiar?

  • Smart Ear

    Smart Ear

    Do you struggle to hear the TV? Do you have the volume turned up high? Annoying other members of the family or even neighbours?

  • Ultimate Luxury Nightwear

    Ultimate Luxury Nightwear

    PLUS sized luxurious nightwear without the PLUS sized price tag! Say goodbye to uncomfortable nightwear!

    $39.95 save 50%
  • Gel Heel Cushions

    Gel Heel Cushions

    A pair of Gel Heel Cushions will give you instant comfort and help relieve heel and foot pain. Made from neoprene they are designed with a form-fitting gel cushion that sits below the heel giving extra padding for the back of your heel.
  • Callus Remover

    Callus Remover

    Lift and roll-away the roughest of skin with this handy Callus Remover. It gently buffs away dry, hard and rough skin from your feet and heels in seconds. Safer and more effective than metal scrapers, it fits comfortably in your hand and can be used wet or dry.