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  • Ear Pro 4000

    Ear Pro 4000

    Boost your hearing and never miss another word! Try the new Ear Pro 4000, our smallest and most powerful device ever! it has the latest technological advancements combined with a very discreet design to transform your hearing – and all at an amazingly affordable price!

  • Pelvic Support Belt

    Pelvic Support Belt

    The Pelvic Support Belt can be worn around the hips during sports or daily activities providing support for ligaments that may have become loose or injured, restoring function and allowing you to regain mobility.

  • Foot Cradles

    Foot Cradles

    Most foot pain comes from misalignment of the bones in your feet, a result of advancing age, lack of exercise or simply by spending long hours on your feet. So how do you correct this? Look no further then Foot Cradles!

  • Native Christmas Figurine

    Native Christmas Figurine

    This beautifully hand crafted and designed Wombat will bring cheer to any mantle or table.

    $24.95 save 50%
  • Precision Laser Scissors

    Precision Laser Scissors

    Now you can cut flawlessly every time with these Precision Laser Scissors. This great invention incorporates a precise laser guide with a pair of high quality scissors so you can cut perfect straight lines through paper and fabrics with ease. No more marking or crooked cutting! Constructed from stainless steel the scissor blades are able to cut cleanly and easily through paper for scrap booking, presents or a school project, cardboard for signs or fabric for a quilt or hemming a pair of trousers. Also great for cutting flowers, plants and vegetables. Takes 2 long life lithium batteries (included).

  • Micro Ampli-Ear

    Micro Ampli-Ear

    Try this tiny hearing device. The Micro Ampli-Ear is our smallest model ever with 750,000 units sold all across the United States – and now available here.

  • Spy Scope

    Spy Scope

    This amazing miniaturised Spy Scope is barely 12cm long and weighs less than 45 grams yet deep inside this miniature marvel are hidden a series of genuine, precision-engineered optical lenses so powerful they pull in far away people... houses... sport... mountains... lakes... even the moon!

  • Hands-Free Magnifier

    Hands-Free Magnifier

    Make reading, knitting or needlework a breeze! The Hands-Free Magnifier has its own stand giving you both hands free for close-up work. Rotating 360 degrees it offers perfect magnification every time and is so easy to use! Viewing area measures 16cm x 11cm.

  • Professional Metal Detector

    Professional Metal Detector

    Find Precious Metals and Buried Treasure with this professional metal detector. The GC-10 metal detector uses the latest technology to tell you what type of metal is buried underground.

    $199.95 save 54%
  • Royal Jewellery Box

    Royal Jewellery Box

    Keep your precious jewellery safe and sound, protected by the soft satiny lining of our Royal Jewellery Box.

    $29.95 save 57%
  • Cordless Engraver

    Cordless Engraver

    You can engrave most surfaces - wood, metal, plastic, leather, glass and much more - with this Cordless Engraver, which is an inexpensive alternative to costly professional engraving services.

  • Coconut Foot Scrub

    Coconut Foot Scrub

    Now you can naturally exfoliate dry, hard skin on feet, knees, elbows and hands with this fragrant Coconut Foot Scrub. Made from crushed sugars, coconut and sweet lime, it also contains the soothing healing properties of Aloe gel to soften and revitalise tired and damaged skin.